A Whole New World: Discussing AR/VR Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare is very physical in nature — doctors need to examine patients, patients go to labs for test results, and the human body is always involved. Perhaps the healthcare system we know today can be transformed into truly virtual care.

A Whole New World

Driving Forces

X-Ray Vision

Virtual Rehabilitation

Photo by UNIBOA on Unsplash

Mapping Homes

Virtual Reality and Inclusivity

“Together with Asos, we have a shared mission to make online fashion as personalised and easy-to-use as possible for customers. With our patented, artificial intelligence-based AR technology powering See My Fit, we can connect the dots between what you see when shopping and what you receive at home, giving customers more confidence in purchasing the products they love.” ~Yael Vizel, Zeekit Chief Executive

Applying Design

Near-Term (12 Months)

Long-Term (3+ Years)

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