Be More Than a Number: Discussing Personalized Care

The current healthcare system has been stuck in a reactive approach to medicine where patients are only being treated once a medical issue arises. This approach is not ideal, as it is a painful experience — both physically and mentally — for patients while causing increased health costs for insurers and patients.

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Be More Than a Number

Driving Forces

Healthcare Within Your Touch

Beating Mental Health Stigma Virtually

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Guests Know Best

Personalizing Drinks and Sports

Gx is able to “extend [their] brand into the personalization space. The result has become PepsiCo’s new standard in using a design-led approach to shift from product to product/service ecosystems.” ~ Xavi Cortadellas, Global Head of Innovation and Design at Gatorade

Applying Design

Near-Term (12 Months)

Long-Term (3+ Years)